Q&A with Principal Dr. Julie Giardino

"God brought me to Kingsway" says Dr. Julie Giardino, the new Head of Kingsway Christian School.



Every year I have the privilege of accompanying our 8th grade students to Washington DC for their class trip. On each trip we spend countless hours at Arlington National Cemetery and visiting the nation’s war memorials. Every time we are humbled by the stories of sacrifice our service men and women gave to ensure our... Continue Reading →

He > I

When heat and pressure are applied to Carbon they produce very different results –diamonds or coal. When heat and pressure are applied to our lives it can produce different results. Fourteen years ago my school administrative team from Rockford Christian School attended a conference on the east coast. While we were in New York we... Continue Reading →

Teaching the Whole Child

This week I was given a greater awareness of our school's commitment to living out our faith in Jesus Christ. I saw this evidenced in our hallways in so many ways. On Wednesday morning I experienced our teacher's morning prayer which focused entirely on our students. Because we are a Christian school I often feel that others think we are exempt from day... Continue Reading →

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