Worthy Servants

She stood teary eyed in our office because she was so grateful for what the school had done for her family. We had enrolled her family knowing full well that our staff would be ministering to them in ways that were far beyond academics. Life isn’t always easy for kids, and this family had had more than their share of heartache. Our Elementary and Middle school team reached out to the family with love and the compassion of Christ.

This story is not unique to Kingsway Christian School. Every year the Lord brings children and families who need to be here, whose hearts are broken and need healing. Every year families re-enroll, not only because of academics, but because their children are ministered to. As followers of Christ our staff and faculty are committed to ministering to the whole child.

This Christmas we want to bless our staff and faculty for their ministry with a gift from you. We are now collecting our annual Christmas Worthy Servants offering. If you or your family have been blessed please consider making a donation this year.

Donations will be collected until Friday, December 11. please bring it by the office, or use Pay Pal by following the link at www.kingswayschool.org. All donations are tax deductible. On Friday, December 18 each staff member will receive their Christmas gift along with a card listing each individual, family and business that made this gift possible.

May your Christmas be filled with the love of Christ, and blessed beyond measure this coming year.

Thank you for your generosity,

Tom Tuttle


"Freedom Is Not Free" Korean War Memorial

“Freedom Is Not Free” Korean War Memorial

Every year I have the privilege of accompanying our 8th grade students to Washington DC for their class trip. On each trip we spend countless hours at Arlington National Cemetery and visiting the nation’s war memorials. Every time we are humbled by the stories of sacrifice our service men and women gave to ensure our freedom. Our Eighth graders are given opportunities to shake hands and say “thank you” to hundreds of veterans visiting the capitol. These men and women fought so we could live in freedom. Continue reading

Day 4 – SLAM

Pastor Cody speaks at SLAM 2015

Pastor Cody speaks at SLAM 2015

As the SLAM came to a close today Pastor Cody challenged us to live a God-Centered Life. God is calling us to live a God Centered life in a me centered world. The story of Nebuchadnezzar rise and fall in Daniel  was a perfect challenge to us today.

In Daniel 4 we learned that God humbles the proud. Those of us who thrive on self-sufficiency really seek their own glory. We were reminded that we cannot seek our own glory and God’s at the same time. Continue reading

Day 3 – SLAM


We just finished our third day of SLAM Week [Spiritual Life and Meaning] in the  Middle School. SLAM was created to speak truth into our students lives at a level we cannot reach in the classroom setting.  So our purpose was to make it not only relevant, but a life changing experience in a different setting. Even though it’s designed and focused on our students – I’m finding that it is impacting our faculty and visiting staff and parents as well. Today Pastor Cody spoke from Ezekiel 36 about a God – Centered God. Continue reading

Day 2 – SLAM

Day 2 of SLAM week at the middle school proved to be another excellent experience. After our wild games in the gym – Pastor Cody challenged us to See God Bigger by taking a look at a description of the throne room of God found in Revelation 4. We discovered that …

God is Holy; set apart, no one like Him
God is Almighty; His arm is not too short
God is Eternal; was, is and is to come
God is Creator & Sustainer

Continue reading

Peace of Mind

One of the essential values of life is the ability to have peace of mind. What would you pay to have peace of mind? Peace of mind is not an ultra state of euphoria where everything is perfect but rather the knowing that everything is alright or will be alright because of God. As the credit card advertisement advocates: some things in life are priceless. To have peace of mind in our present culture is certainly priceless. Continue reading