Head of School News – April 6, 2018

Dear KCS Parents, It has been a very exciting week at school!  Ask anyone how exciting it was, and you’ll get different answers.  For elementary students, the excitement is all about the re-opening of the playground and the new learning space!  Students now have the wonderful addition of a 27-foot LEGO wall and a 20-foot... Continue Reading →


From Dr. Giardino – Head of School

What time is it? It’s re-enrollment time! We are already seeing higher numbers of students re-enrolling this year. What a privilege it is to serve your families! Included in this email are links to several documents you will need to have for re-enrollment, including the 2018-2019 Application Fees and Tuition sheet and the 2018-2019 School... Continue Reading →

Rilla Trout Memorial Scholarship

A Christian education is expensive…..however, it’s also an immensely important investment. A Kingsway student’s journey with us ends in 8th grade.  But that is usually NOT the end of their Christian education career.  Every year, many of our 8th graders enroll at a Christian high school.  And even though our time with those students ends... Continue Reading →

2017 SLAM – Day 4

We started in the gym today playing Romper Stomper Relay and Thumbs up Video! You will just have to ask your kids what that was about. Pastor Darren's message today was about light - specifically that Jesus is the light.  We heard today that we need to Focus on Light. He studied several Scriptures:  Psalm 27, Psalm... Continue Reading →

2017 SLAM – Day 3

After an outrageous game of Hungry Human Hippo in the gym we moved to the chapel to worship and study God's Word. Today Pastor Darren asked the question, "What do you believe?" based on 1 Timothy 4:12. We discovered that we now live in a world where people believe that God is not needed and... Continue Reading →

2017 SLAM – Day 2

Day 2 of SLAM challenged us physically and spiritually -- an insane relay in the gym, worship and a message from Pastor Darren. Pastor Darren reminded us from yesterday's message to BE INCREDIBLE! Have Absurd Expectations - which means set God sized Goals. Explore Opportunities and look for ways to build up others. Take Action - don't... Continue Reading →

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